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Dr. Susan Perkins

Susan N. Perkins, DC, CFMP*, CCIPN*, is Certified as a Functional Medicine
Practitioner* and Certified in Chronic Intractable Pain and Neuropathy*. She has
been a licensed chiropractic physician in the State of Florida for over 25 years.

Dr. Perkins was raised on the Treasure Coast, and returned to the area to
practice and raise her family. She grew up with four physicians in her immediate
family and was always enthralled with discussions about patients’ conditions and
various treatments to improve their health. This is what led her to become a
physician herself.

Having treated patients over the years and witnessing their frustration and
difficulties dealing with Peripheral Neuropathy, Dr. Perkins decided to focus her
practice in this area.

Dr. Perkins utilizes her training in Functional Medicine to determine the possible underlying medical conditions that may lead to Peripheral Neuropathy, many of which are not just related to Diabetes, which was considered in the past as the primary cause. Using a comprehensive approach when evaluating patient, she maintains an understanding of how all the systems in the body work together.

Patients often come into Neuropathy and Laser Center very frustrated and as a
“last resort”, often after being told there was no hope for improvement, that they’d
just have to “live with” problems associated with Peripheral Neuropathy.

Our knowledge and understanding of Neuropathy has greatly improved over the
last decade! Today, the National Institute of Health recognizes that Peripheral
Neuropathy can often be treated and managed if found and treated in time.

At our Center Dr. Perkins utilizes many treatment protocols that are highly
effective in reducing pain, numbness and improving balance.