Video Testimonials

Judith M. – Foot Pain, Heat and Shocks


Mr. Hubble- Numbness and Pain in feet


Mary W.- Numbness and Pain in feet


P. Howard- Severe numbness in feet

Jim S.-  Numbness, sharp pain in feet


Gary H.-  Balance concerns, pain in feet

Joan W.-  Numbness in feet and legs


LeAnn S.- Sharp shooting pains, Numbness



Kathleen W.- Chemotherapy and Diabetic- Foot pain and numbness


Mr. Johnson- Numbness in feet and balance concerns




Larry M- Numbness, Tingling in feet, Difficulty walking


G. Pierson- Numbness in feet and legs


Daryl Q.- Burning in feet


Katy T.- Pain in both feet; difficulty walking


Leonard L.- Foot and leg pain, burning and numbness; Difficulty walking


Ruby S.- Foot pain, cramping, difficulty walking


Chet R. – Numbness and Pain


Linda – Numbness/Tingling in feet


Susan W.Tingling in hands and feet


Doris P.- Foot Pain and Burning


E. Venette- Numbness, Burning, Pins and Needles in feet


Jane G- Lower back and leg pain, prior lower back surgery


Sally G.- Foot and Ankle Pain & Arthritis


N. Pavey- Numbness and burning in feet, Balance concerns


Caryl L.-Pain in both knees- Laser Treatment


P. Ground- Numbness in feet; Pain when walking


T. Allen- Burning and Numbness


Moffie B.- Burning and Numbness in feet


F. Smith- Numbness/Tingling; Difficulty walking


R. Lowe- Foot Pain; Numbness in hands; Difficulty walking


F. Collar- Leg and Arm Pain; Difficulty walking


R. Ward- Numbness, Burning, Shooting Pains


B. Bradley- Pain when walking on hard surfaces; Numbness/Tingling


D. Johnson – Chemotherapy; Difficulty Walking


B. Walsh- Restless Leg Syndrome; Difficulty walking;standing, trouble sleeping